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Puppies have arrived, six blues, three females and three males.  Urania and Armagedon are the proud parents.  All puppies are reserved.

Urania hours prior to whelping, and puppies just hours old.

One day old, snuggling with mom.  She looks a bit exhausted, but loves them babies.


These little ones are always hungry, must be good stuff, look how we have grown.

Puppies are 3 1/2 weeks old and are learning that toys are fun things, even though they squeak.

Puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old, exploring the outside world. 

#1 Female - Slight slither on chest,  white on two back toes - RESERVED

#2 Female - white on chest, dusting of whte on back toes - RESERVED

#3F -  Small amount of white on chest, clean toes - RESERVED

#1M - white on chest, clean toes - RESERVED

#2M - Slight dusting on chest, clean toes - RESERVED

#3M - Solid blue - RESERVED